Imari's right side Imari, imported double-bred Road Sweeper Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

Registration #: GV00015F
Imported in: 1997
Date of Birth: April 11, 1996
Color DNA - unknown
# of foals born in the U.S.: 3
Sire: Fred Walker Stallion
Dam: Bonnie UK
Extended Pedigree

Gallery of Imari:

Imari posing Imari floating Imari trotting
Imari and Dreamcatcher running
Imari & 2000 daughter Dreamcatcher
Imari & Freedom, Gypsy Vanner Horse mare and filly
Imari & 2003 daughter Let Freedom Ring
Freedom & Imari

Imari's foals:

Dreamcatcher, 2000 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare Freedom, Gypsy Vanner Horse filly Circle of Life, 2006 Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding
2000 mare Dreamcatcher
by The Gypsy King
pictured at 5 years
2003 filly Let Freedom Ring
by Cushti Bok
pictured at 1 year
2006 gelding Circle of Life
by Cushti Bok
pictured at 9 years