The Wooly Mammoth

The Wooly Mammoth, 2002 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion in the UK The Wooly Mammoth, 2002 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion in the UK

Located on SD Farm in England
Date of Birth: 2002
Color DNA - negative tobiano
# of foals imported to the US.: 11
Sire: Samson UK
Dam: Sovereign*
Extended Pedigree


Some of The Wooly Mammoth's foals in the US:


The Madam of Feathered Gold, 2005 improted Gypsy Vanner Horse mare Cedar Creek SD Murphy, 2005 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion Down's Delight, 2006 imported Gypsy Vanner Horse filly
2005 mare The Madam of Feathered Gold*
out of Jessie's Filly
pictured at 5 years
2005 stallion Cedar Creek SD Murphy
out of SD Sandy
pictured at 8 years
2006 filly Down's Delight*
out of Miss Downs
pictured at 1 year
SD My Q=Way. SD Cartier, 2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse filly
2008 filly SD My Way*
out of SD Simply The Best
pictured at 6 years
2010 filly SD Esmeralda*
out of SD Splash Mare
pictured at 5 years
2013 filly SD Cartier*
out of SD Izzy
pictured at 2.5 years
2013 colt SD Da Vinci N'Co*
out of SD April
pictured at 2 years

DNA has recently been obtained on Wooly Mammoth and testing is in progress against his foals.  Any horse marked with an * is DNA confirmed.


All pictures of Mammoth are courtesy of BFSGH, and may not be reproduced without permission.